Profiles of Historic Sites

[NEIGHBOURHOOD: Nicomen Island]

Butter-Inman Farm

41608 Lougheed Hwy | Nicomen Island | Est. ca. 1925
This is one of the earliest homesteads on the Fraser. It is still a rural farm located on the north-east boundary of Nicomen Island. The house is south of the Deroche bridge and surrounded by large fields, set back from the Lougheed Highway.

Nicomen Island Community

8 km East of Mission | Nicomen Island | Pre 1890
Nicomen Island is a large island approximately 8 kilometers east of downtown Mission; the Nicomen Slough, a narrow stretch of water, surrounds the island. There are bridges across the Lougheed Highway just past Dewdney and before Deroche. Today the land is primarily agricultural, mostly large dairy farms.