Profiles of Historic Sites


Cascade Falls Regional Park

Ridgeview Road, N.E. of Mission | McConnell Creek | Designated 1986
The park is 9.5 hectares in size and is located just northeast from Mission, 14 km down Sylvester Road, then near the eastern end of Ridgeview Road.

Deroche Community

Lougheed Hwy | Deroche | Pre 1890
Small rural community, north-east of Nicomen Island, about 18 km east of Mission on Lougheed Highway #7. The community includes a school, a community hall, and a few remaining retail stores and a gas station.

Dewdney Community

Lougheed Hwy | Dewdney | Pre 1890
This is a small rural community where the Lougheed Highway crosses the CPR rail line. Once the commercial centre for local farmers, it now includes a school, Michael's Restaurant, Dewdney General Store.

Lake Errock Community

Lougheed Hwy | Lake Errock | Pre 1890
A small community about 20 km east of Mission. The former Lake Errock Gas Station & Cabins are now scarcely noticeable. The community currently has a new gas station and general store, large community church, and a cluster of homes and small farms scattered along the highway.

Nicomen Island Community

8 km East of Mission | Nicomen Island | Pre 1890
Nicomen Island is a large island approximately 8 kilometers east of downtown Mission; the Nicomen Slough, a narrow stretch of water, surrounds the island. There are bridges across the Lougheed Highway just past Dewdney and before Deroche. Today the land is primarily agricultural, mostly large dairy farms.