Profiles of Historic Sites


Butter-Inman Farm

41608 Lougheed Hwy | Nicomen Island | Est. ca. 1925
This is one of the earliest homesteads on the Fraser. It is still a rural farm located on the north-east boundary of Nicomen Island. The house is south of the Deroche bridge and surrounded by large fields, set back from the Lougheed Highway.

Ferncliff Gardens

8502 McTaggart Street | Hatzic | Est. 1920
Ferncliff Gardens is an internationally acclaimed "pioneer flower farm" located on McTaggert Street in Hatzic, just east of Mission. The members of the Jack family have adapted their business over the past eighty-eight years, making it the oldest family operated business in Mission.

First Municipal Hall

33157 1st Avenue | Downtown BIA | Est. 1929
This building was originally Mission City's first Municipal Hall. It operated from 1929 until 1974 and since then has been occupied by a number of restaurants. This building is located on the north side of First Avenue between the current Rex Cox Men's Wear and CIBC.

Masonic Hall

33219 First Avenue | Downtown BIA | Est. 1924
The Masonic Hall is a two-storey, white building on the north side of First Avenue, in the downtown business district; it is the second building east of the Welton Street intersection, betwen the Bank of Nova Scotia and the Gold Bin jewelry store.

Mission Arts Centre

33529 1st Avenue | East Mission | Est. ca. 1925
The Mission Arts Centre is in a stately old home on First Avenue at the corner of Catherwood Street, about 3 blocks from downtown Mission.

The Olde Stove Works

33507 Thompson Avenue | Flats | Est. ca. 1923
This is an industrial building, single storey, set back from the road, just south of the CPR tracks. Over the years, it has been used by various companies for fruit and berry processing. Currently the building is mainly white with a green roof and a large sign on top that reads "WOODSTOVES".