Profiles of Historic Sites


Anglican Church Vicarage

7309 James Street | Central Mission | Est. 1902
The Vicarage is a two-storey house finished in a Tudor-style white stucco with brown batten trim, just north of the All Saints Anglican Church. The house has 5 large diamond-paned windows on the front facing Second Avenue.

Canadian Pacific Railway Station

33010 Railway Avenue | Downtown BIA | Est. 1909
The CPR Train Station once stood in the "Y" formed by CPR lines on the western end of Railway Avenue, at the foot of Grand Street. It was destroyed by fire in 1999.

Windebank Block

32995 First Avenue | Downtown BIA | Est. 1908
A square cement-block building on the corner of First Avenue and Grand Street with two storeys above ground. The building is currently white with green trim and has many windows on all sides and old-fashioned overhangs.