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First Municipal Hall on First Avenue
Carl Klenk fonds/0116-002
Courtesy Mission Community Archives

First Municipal Hall

33157 First Avenue

Downtown BIA

Date of Original Construction:

Resource Type:
(Previous: Government)/Commercial

Current Owner/Occupant:
Martin's Downtown

Site Description:

This building was originally Mission City's first Municipal Hall. It operated from 1929 until 1974 and since then has been occupied by a number of restaurants. This building is located on the north side of First Avenue between the current Rex Cox Men's Wear and CIBC.

Site History:

In April 1929, the District of Mission and the Village of Mission City decided to jointly build the first municipal hall. A joint meeting of the Municipal Council and the Village Commissioners was held in the new hall in November 1929 and the official opening took place on December 4, 1929. The staff of the building presented both the village commissioners and the municipal council with "a pipe of peace" and expressed their hope that all deliberations carried on in the municipal hall would be in a "spirit of friendliness and good will." Tony Taulbut, the village clerk, had carved the long stemmed pipe out of wood and asked the members to smoke it. The Mission Museum has had this pipe since 1974.

In 1954, the building was extensively renovated. In 1974, it was sold to private owners, and a new municipal hall (that is still in service today) was built on Stave Lake Road.

S. Lalji of Larco Developers originally had plans to convert the old municipal hall into a shopping mall and office space but these plans were dropped due to financing problems. Instead new plans were presented in 1975 for the old city hall to become a restaurant with a separate lounge with a seating capacity of 80-100 persons. In October 1975 Council on the recommendation of Alderwoman Perry Cleven accepted that Lalji be asked to produce alternative suggestions. We are not certain if it was indeed Lalji who eventually carried out the restaurant development plans but the building did eventually become a restaurant with various owners and name changes over the years.

The Old Town Hall Restaurant was opened on this site about 1981, followed by Ramana's Pizza and Steak House ca 1983, then Dino's Restaurant ca 1986-1993; Stasia's Family Restaurant ca 1996; Athena's Bar & Grill ca February-December 2013; and it is currently Martin's Downtown since January 2015.

People Associated with the Site:

Honourable Nels Lougheed, Minister of Public Works

Alderwoman Perry Cleven and her Community Planning Committee 1975

Harold Harnett, Clerk-administrator

Rob Edwards, Harold Harnett's assistant

Glenn Lathrop, Assessor

Architectural Features:

Single storey brick building: 7 steps lead up to columned entrance way, 2 large windows - one on each side of the entrance

Name of architect: Bowman and Cullerne (from Vancouver)

Name of builder: E.E. Fisher (Mission Construction Company)

Construction method/materials: brick veneer and wood-frame, cement foundations.


Urban, main downtown strip. There are planter boxes along the front of the building.

Where to get further information:

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