Community Initiatives

While development of our Profiles of Historic Sites is the primary focus of Heritage Places, we have also had opportunities to work closely with the public in other community initiatives and heritage preservation efforts. If you would like further information about any of the projects outlined below, please contact us.

Historic Murals in Mission

The downtown area includes many interesting murals on the sides of buildings and fences. Some capture the memories of how our small community developed, while others are purely decorative. In 2001 the Mission Council appointed the Heritage Places branch of Mission District Historical Society to facilitate the creation of murals that depict our history. Today, the Cultural Resources Commission [has responsibility for] the selection and placement of public art. In May 2010, the Mission Council adopted a new Public Art Policy that defines public art as artwork that is "accessible to the public and has aesthetic qualities and includes all forms or art and performance." Policy and procedures for the creation of murals in Mission can be obtained from the Cultural Resources Commission of the District of Mission.