Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Heritage Places Branch?

Established by the Mission District Historical Society (MDHS) in 1994 as the Heritage Buildings Branch, it is the third Branch of the MDHS. It was later renamed the Heritage Places Branch.

What is the purpose of the Heritage Places Branch?

HPB works to develop an Inventory of Heritage Resources that includes sites with significant heritage value to the community. The branch seeks to celebrate and preserve the memory of our heritage buildings, special places, and natural environment.

What is a Heritage Inventory?

Our growing database of historic resources is made up of the many places in Mission where community history happens. Heritage resources include buildings, special places, and the natural environment. Ultimately, the Inventory is provided to the Mission Community Heritage Commission for the purpose of a Community Heritage Register. Not all of the resources on our Inventory will become part of the District Heritage Register. However, we work to ensure that the research done on these historic resources is made available to the public through our online Profiles of Historic Sites

What is a Heritage Register?

A heritage register is an official list of properties identified as having heritage value or character. In March 2009, the District Of Mission adopted policy LAN.57 Identification and Protection of Heritage Resources.
Information source: "What is a Heritage Register" pamphlet produced by the Mission District ca.2006

Where can I find the District of Mission Heritage Register?

Information can be found on the District of Mission website under Mission Community Heritage Commission

How many properties are listed in the District of Mission Heritage Register?

Currently there are six properties:

        Fraser River Heritage Park
        Mission Memorial Centre
        Mission Museum
        Silverhill Hall
        Stave Falls Power House
        Xa:ytem Longhouse

What is the Mission Community Heritage Commission?

The Commission was established in 2007 and consists of a representative from Mission Council and members appointed by the Mayor and Council. Applications for the Commission are reviewed and appointments occur in the spring each year.
The Mission Community Heritage Commission's mandate is:

        Advise Council on progress toward implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan and on those items         referred by Council

        Assemble Task Groups, as needed, that will explore proposals for addressing actions outlined in         the Mission Heritage Strategic Plan

        Report to Council on its activities

        Promote awareness of the importance of heritage to reflect economic, soical, cultural,         environmental, spiritual and aesthetic values

        Provide the expertise of a culturally diverse group of people to connect groups, individuals, and         heritage initiatives
         Information source: Mission Community Heritage Commission Mandate