Celebrating our Heritage

In 1994, the Mission District Historical Society established the Heritage Buildings Branch. This department, the third to be established by the MDHS, was later renamed the Heritage Places Branch and works to celebrate and preserve the memory of our heritage buildings, special places, and natural environment. To do this, staff help to bring local history out into the community and perform research that broadens appreciation of Mission's heritage. We involve citizens and community groups, seniors and youth, students and professionals, to ensure the heritage values of our diverse population are reflected in community living.

Creating a Heritage Inventory

We are working to develop an Inventory of Heritage Resources that includes sites with significant heritage value to the community. Our growing database of historic sites is made up of all the many places in Mission where community history happens. Ultimately, the Inventory is provided to the Mission Community Heritage Commission for the purpose of Community Heritage Register development.

Providing Public Access

Not all of the sites on our Inventory will become part of the District Heritage Register. However, we work to ensure that the research done on these historic sites is made available to the public through our online Profiles of Historic Sites. Through our website you can browse a growing list of Profiles and learn more about the events and people that helped to make those sites significant.

Preserving Community Knowledge

Our Profiles benefit greatly from the acquisition of oral histories. By collecting these community memories and stories we are better able to communicate how these sites remain important to community members, what makes them special and why we should continue to build awareness about them. We are always seeking more information about Mission's special heritage places, and if you have stories that you would like to share, we are always very interested in hearing from you.