Celebrating Our Special Historic Sites

Heritage Places purpose is to preserve our heritage buildings, special places, and the natural environment. To do this, volunteers bring local history out into the community - we involve citizens and community groups, seniors and youth, students and professionals to ensure the heritage values of our diverse population are reflected in community living.

Featured Historic Site:
Buildings on First Avenue

Windebank Block

As you wait at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Grand Street, take a look at the white with green trim building on the North West corneróWindebank Block. Built in 1908 by Hori Windebank and currently re-named the Power House Apartments, it has housed a wide variety of establishments: a restaurant, Liquor Control Board office, meat market, and inn. The dynamo he set up in the basement powered the city's first public street lights on Washington Street (now First Avenue). For more information view the profile . Follow Power House Apts on Twitter.
Original Windebank Block
Courtesy Mission Community Archives